ASOCIACIÓN MEXICANA DE INDUSTRIALES DE ACABADOS SUPERFICIALES A.C., (hereafter AMAS), informs you that the present Confidentiality Policy (hereafter THE CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY), has as its objective the protection and safeguarding of the information of its Associates, Therefore, THE CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY governs the use of this SURFACE FINISHING DIRECTORY & GUIDEBOOK (hereinafter THE DIRECTORY) as well as the content available in it, the consultation and use of THE DIRECTORY by subscribers who have previously registered (hereafter THE USER) shall be considered as a tacit acceptance of THE CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY. 

THE DIRECTORY does not grant THE USER any property or right over the personal data, contents, codes, data, materials, or information in it (hereinafter THE CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION), so THE USER may only use THE CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION for personal and direct use, as well as for commercial promotion purposes, not for profit or speculation.

THE USER must maintain at all times the confidentiality of his username and password, for which he will be the only person responsible for their proper use and protection.

Unless otherwise provided, THE USER may not download, inform, expose, copy, reproduce, distribute, modify, execute, create derivative works from, dispose of, lease, lend, record, negotiate, reveal, publish, teach, make known, transmit or in any other way provide to any natural or legal person, national or foreign, public or private, or in any other way exploit THE DIRECTORY or CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION thereof, other than for the purposes stated herein. 

It is strictly forbidden to alter, edit, delete or otherwise change the appearance, or change the purpose of the CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION and THE DIRECTORY itself.

THE USER recognizes and accepts that by the use of THE DIRECTORY, he or she does not acquire any right of ownership, license or of any other nature by his or her access and navigation within the directory.

The violation to the present CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY can result in a violation to the laws of protection of personal data, copyright, industrial property and of the penal order in force in the United Mexican States, as well as in other jurisdictions.

AMAS may modify this Confidentiality Policy at any time, in which case it will notify the USER in advance.